Habitats Work Science

After discovering some strange creatures in our classroom, we set to work trying to identify where they came from! We put them in a choice chamber and found out they preferred dark over light, dry over damp and sand over no sand. From this we worked out that perhaps their habitat was somewhere dry, dark and sandy.

Maths Week- Enterprise Game

We loved the enterprise game. The aim of game was to make as many shapes as possible and sell them to Miss Savage. The teams or businesses had to spend a £5 budget on materials and equipment such as paper, scissors and rulers.

After every round Miss Savage bought the shapes. The businesses could then decide to invest the revenue in more equipment or put the money in the bank to earn interest.

The winning team ended up with £3.46. Not quite a profit but a very soon effort. I’m sure with another couple of rounds many of our businesses would have made a profit.





Captain Cook’s first voyage

This week we have been busy learning about Captain Cook’s life up to and including his first voyage around the world. We learnt how he grew up dreaming of becoming a sailor, his secret mission to find Terra Australis and his encounters with the Maoris in New Zealand.



Indian Cooking

We have put our DT skills to the test this week by designing and making our own healthy curries. First we tasted and scored secveral different curries. Next we took a simple recipe and made it more healthy by adding lots more vegetables. Finally we tasted and evaluated our product.

Bridge Engineers

This week we have been busy designing a bridge to cross the River Aire. We made these models to represent our designs. I  sure you would agree they would certainly liven up the waterfront in Leeds! We used lots of new skills including measuring, sawing, using glue guns and reinforcing joints. 

Corn Exchange; then and now.

This week we have been learning about how Leeds Corn Exchange has changed over the years. We learnt how in the past it was used for the trading and storage of corn. However, today you are more likely to see people enjoying a coffee or a hair cut. We acted out the scenes of the trading floor of the past and then the interactions seen today.