The Colour Thief

Mr Spink’s class went in search of the Colour Thief. Someone had stolen all the colours of the world, even the zebra. Where had the colours gone?

The class went in search. Across rivers and over mountains they went until, in the distance, they spied the Colour Thief! They were scared. What would happen when they caught up with the Colour Thief?

What happened next?





4 thoughts on “The Colour Thief

  1. I was so impressed and excited by this lesson!
    I wondered who this strange man was….just sitting. When I walked around school,mi kept stumbling across strange objects.

    I can’t wait to read your writing!

    Mrs Stott

  2. It was fun meeting the colour thief because the colour thief scared me when he growled at us.And I discovered it was actually Mr Moore!

  3. I was so impressed with the assembly. The lesson must have been so inspiring for all the children to do all that wonderful writing. They all performed brilliantly. Well done all, and well done Mr Spink for preparing such an exciting theme. The colour thief looks very scary.

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