Amazing alliteration


In Read Write inc we have been looking at Balloon for Grandad. We spotted the alliteration used and wanted to make our own descriptions of the desert.


Ben: Camels climbed sand mountains and aardvarks ate all the ants. the scorching sand made the desert hot.

Zain: Slithering snakes slithered along and the pointy pyramids stood in lazily in the sand.

Charlie: Snakes slithered on the scorching sand and scary spiders spat poison.

Cian: Dangerous desert pirates dug in the ground for treasure. Pointy pyramids stood on the highest sand.

Rose: Cuddly camels munched and crunched their lunch. The lazy ladybirds flew everywhere.

Alex: Crazy camels lazily sun bathed in the scorching sand.

Kye: Poisonous spiders were spitting poison. Skinny snakes were slithering across the smooth sand.

Harrision: Crazy camels were flying across the sand and pointy pyramids were collapsing. Advenurous aardvarks were eating ants with barbecue sauce.

Stella: Sticky snakes slithered on the smooth sand.

Munna: Snappy scorpions were sneaking along.

Benjamin: Angry ants were crawling.

Zara: Pointy pyramids stood in the sun.



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