Writing club’s Magic Box Poem

In writing club we looked at ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright

Here are our own interpretations;

Evie-Rae and Mum

I will put into the box..

A hug from my cat Loco,

A cutie mark from rainbow dash,

A flutter from a butterfly.


I will put into the box …

A hug and a kiss from my children,

A pinch of pixie dust from my favourite pixie Tinkerbell,

A memory of my nanna Rachel.


I will put into the box ..

The peel of a red banana,

A petal of a rainbow and a sun flower from the sun,


My box is fashioned from grains of sand and orange ice,

With scooters on the lid and balloons in the corner,

It’s hinges are from the teeth of cats.


I will bounce in my box,

on top of the rainbow,

then sleep upon the twinkling stars.


Andrea and Mum

I will put into the box..

A purple petal of a flower,

A picture of the sea,

A sparkly dress from my doll.


I will put in the box…

A red leaf from an autumn tree,

An adventure book full of fun,

A fluffy rabbit with a brown tail.


I will put into the box…

A rabbit on a horse,

A water bottle in a boat,

A snowman on a beach.


My box is made from ice and glitter,

With shells on the lid and gold in the corners,

It’s hinges are butterfly wings.


I shall fly in my box,

to a desert island,

and boogie all day long.


Lilly-Anna and Dad

I will put into the box…

A cuddle from Candy my pink teddy,

My long beautiful curly hair,

A red spotty ladybird.


I will put into the box,

The magical dust from a fairy,

The crown of a queen,

A feather from a  beautiful peacock.


I will put into the box,

A pink sun and a blue cow,

A dog that meows and a cat that barks,

A walking pencil and a flying pig.


My box is made from leather and silver and pine,

with blue stars and moon on the lid,

and pixie dust int he corners,

It’s hinges are made from skeleton bones.


We shall fly on my box,

to the highest mountain in the world,

We will crash into  a dinosaur,

and be alive to watch the sunset.


Xavier and Mum

I will put into the box…

Playing on an ipad,

Playing with my electric scooter,

Kicking a football into the sky.


I will put into the box…

A picture of my family,

The smell of baking,

A little peace and quiet.


I will put into the box…

A black house,

A cat on a bike.

A person up a tree.


My box is made from bricks and glass,

With gold on the lid

And magic in the corners.


In my box…

I will go to the desert

and dig dig dig,

Until I find treasure.

Science week

This week Year 2 have been busy with all things science. We started by recreating one of the science tricks Mr Spink showed us in his assembly. We felt like Harry Potter moving a straw without touching it.


Next we had a delivery of strange unknown insects. We had to use choice chambers to find out about what there habitat was like so we could return then home.


We used the book Dear Greenpeace as a hook to think more about habitats. Could a Whale really live in a pond? We used our knowledge to explain why this was not possible.

We took the owl and the pussy cat we have been doing to create a more realistic food chain for an owl than one simply including honey!

We even took part in a big school science quiz. Well done to the winners.


Finally we looked at different insects to see how they were adapted to their environment.


Meerkat madness

Today we learnt about Indian grey mongooses who live alone near to farms. They often eat chickens and eggs much to the farmers annoyance.

We made omlettes for us to eat then wrote a set of instructions for scorpion omlette- much more suitable for Sunny’s tastes!




La Luna sales pitch

Year 2 watched the La Luna film. There is a part in it were the boy needs to decide on which broom to use to sweep the moon. We looked at different brooms and their features then designed a sales pitch to try to sell these to the boy, dragons den style. Mrs Stott then judged each pitch.


image image image

Lunar landers

We designed lunar landers to soften the impact when landing on the moon. We designed and tested different shock absorbers before deciding on our final design. We had to drop them from waist hight and hope the two astronauts (maltesers) did not fall out. Some shock absorbers were almost too good and acted like springs shooting our astronauts up and out into the air!





Class assembly

image imageimage

Thank you to all the parents who turned up to our class assembly. Here are some of our rehearsal pictures. We loved working towards to show and it was amazing that 30+ people turned up to support us. It really did make it a special occasion.

Please leave comments to let us know what you thought and also what you learnt about Captain Cook!

Thank you to Stella’s mum for sending a lovely photo of Benjamin Bretten’s Storm dance in action!


image image

Year 2 kicked off their habitats work by sorting animals into different habitats. We then went to search in 2 habitats in our school for animals, logpiles and the hedgerow. We found lots of insects in the log pile but none in the hedgerow, why might this be?