Trial of Rat, Rabbit and Fruit Fly

In the book frog Belly Rat Bone  there are 3 thieves who steal some treasure. in class we gave them a trial.



Here is a transcript:

Tell us why   we shouldn’t throw you in jail?
we said we   are sorry
Why did you   do it rat?
I just   wanted it for my self
If you knew   they were wondrous riches would you still have stolen them?
No I   wouldn’t they have made Cement land beautiful.
Why did you   do it Fruit Fly?
I just   wanted to impress I’m sorry.
What about you   Rabbit?
I didn’t   want to seem like a chicken. Rat always tells me what to do
Why are you   both blaming Rat, you have a mind of your own?
it’s true   she did make us
If she told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? Can you see your in trouble now!
Do you not   know the correct way to behave?
I feel so   guilty
Yes I’m   really disappointedWe decided Rabbit and Fruit Fly should not be punished. They were put up to it by Rat who used them. However we though Rat was guilty and should be made to plant more seeds to make cement land pretty.


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