Hedgehog writing

We have had some fantastic writing this week, both in our lessons on non chronological reports and in our big write. Well done Year 2!

Here are some examples from our stories:

Bobbie- ” Aaaah,” they cried. Max was shaking with fear. He froze for a moment then he started to think. Max said to Ila ” I’m going to solve this problem!”

Tayyeb- Max fell into a drain. ” Oh no!” Max cried. Immediately he curled up into a ball for safety. When his falling was over, he was in the middle of a wide stinky sewer. There were lots of spiders and other creepy insects crawling around him.

Ruby- He went hunting but first he got the other animals and instead of food he went searching for his parents. Amazingly he found his mum and she had a big pile of food for him.

Leon- Max could not find his way back. He decided to dig a hole because he’s a hedgehog. He did not know where to go next. Max said he would go left. Next he went right next he went down.  After that he went up as high as he could.

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