Bridge Engineers

This week we have been busy designing a bridge to cross the River Aire. We made these models to represent our designs. I  sure you would agree they would certainly liven up the waterfront in Leeds! We used lots of new skills including measuring, sawing, using glue guns and reinforcing joints. 

Corn Exchange; then and now.

This week we have been learning about how Leeds Corn Exchange has changed over the years. We learnt how in the past it was used for the trading and storage of corn. However, today you are more likely to see people enjoying a coffee or a hair cut. We acted out the scenes of the trading floor of the past and then the interactions seen today.



Art fortnight- week 1

Here are a few pictures from our first week in the art studio working on the little mermaid. We made the underwater palace, sea scales and sea drops. We have also made some amazing drawings of fish and shells. Please make sure you come to our celebration next week to see them all!   


Our value this week has been kindness. After hearing Mrs Stott’s story about a neighbour who secretely put out and collected people’s bin as an act of kindness, we thought we would have a go. We have been acting as kindness ninjas all week, secretly doing our own kind acts around school.

Eric crash lands in Leeds

A strange happpening occurred at ACE this week. Year 2 found an alien in the school grounds. He said he was looking for Leodis and the river Aire. We used maps and atlases,to prove we were in Leeds but he did not believe us. We still have more convincing to do next week.